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Digital Fingerprinting in Bethel Park, PA


Back Office Plus Mail and Business Center is proud to partner with IDENTOGO.

Offering The Next Generation Of Fingerprint Technology

The days of “ink on paper” fingerprinting are quickly going the way of snail mail. Back Office Plus offers the next generation of fingerprint technology—Digital Fingerprinting in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Unlike ink-on-paper fingerprints, digital fingerprints can be transmitted electronically and shared among agencies. It is more efficient and cost-effective, so many states, federal agencies, and industries no longer accept ink-on-paper—they now require digital fingerprinting.

If you’re a part of certain agencies or industry groups, you will probably need to get “digitally fingerprinted” as a requirement of your employment or participation.

Organizations That May Require Digital Fingerprints


Back Office Plus has the advanced equipment and software necessary for digital fingerprinting in Bethel Park, PA.

Please pre-enroll for your fingerprinting at //

In order to ensure that you get the correct background check for you, please include the service code provide to you by your employer or organization.  If you do not have a service code, ask your administrator or HR Department.

IDENTOGO can only accept the following forms of payment:


Money Order

Debit Card

Credit Card




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